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Jan 18, 2013 2:00am PST
of the country. temperatures in the 50s. even where it snowed yesterday, getting into the 40s. minneapolis northwards, this is your last warm day. this blue and white and purpole and extreme whites up here, all this frigid air is going to make a dive at us. it will be just north of the border on saturday. it makes the dive on sunday. monday and tuesday it's over the great lakes and into areas of northern new england. we have to be prepared for the coldest air of the season in many areas. we're including chicago in that, detroit, all the way to minneapolis. look at chicago. we go from 40s on saturday to sunday, monday, tuesday, temperatures struggling to get to 20 degrees. the bottom line is this is what you expect in winter a couple times. this will be exceptionally cold. minneapolis, they're expecting the coldest air in four years. this is a serious blast of arctic air. >> wow. a sharp dip there in chicago. >>> well, lance armstrong helps juice oprah's network. the latest nbc news polls on guns in america. and we'll show you a 12-pound gold nugget found on a beach. >>> plus, look at this
Jan 22, 2013 5:30pm PST
to last into the weekend. dean reynolds is in minneapolis for us tonight. dean? >> reporter: good evening, scott. most people ventured outdoors for only a few minutes today because frostbite at these temperatures is possible in less than ten minutes. the temperature in minneapolis was six below at noon. shelters for the homeless filled up, and charitable organizations looked for others who may still be out on the street. the people you encounter though, their lives are in danger in this weather. >> yes. >> reporter: joseph desencelos works in minneapolis. we went along as he tried to get the homeless indoors. this is where people live? >> yeah, this is the spot. it's the reason why a lot of people choose this area here is because it's close to downtown it's close to many services where people can eat, shower. it's walking distance. >> reporter: it's under interstate 394, and it's hard to imagine, on a day like today that anyone could survive a night out. is there ever a time when you say, "look, it's just too cold we can't go out"? >> no. if our folks are outside, then we can go outside.
Jan 2, 2013 4:30am EST
england. a little snow flurry activity in minneapolis. that's a look at the national forecast. now, here's a look at the weather outside of your wind. >> well, areas like memphis, tennessee, have been very cold. i think we're going to hit the peak of it, though. i think we'll warm things up in the middle of the weekend. a lot of people are enjoying it in the middle of the nation. it's been very cold. >>> well, sandy hook students prepare to go back to school. >>> penn state fights back with a major lawsuit against the ncaa. >>> plus, a member of the paparazzi killed after taking photos of justin bieber's white ferrari. you're watching "early today." >>> well, welcome back. some stories making news this morning. a lawsuit is being filed in federal court over sanctions filed against penn state. pennsylvania governor tom corbett is suing the ncaa because part of the $60 million fine would be used to finance child abuse prevention grants outside of the state of pennsylvania. >>> in alaska, no signs of a leak of that oil drilling ship that went aground near kodiak island. the rig is carrying
Jan 24, 2013 4:30am EST
. but then the really cold stuff. minneapolis to chicago. then take a look at what happened in northern new england. burlington, vermont, had a high temperature of 1 degree. what's amazing, lake champlain isn't frozen yet. it's actually been a very mild winter. this is what happens when you have 1 degree temperatures over the water. amazing footage here. this is what i call steam fog. it's extremely cold air going over the unfrozen relatively mild lake. pretty cool video there, lake champlain. let's show you what we're dealing with this morning. windchills are brutal in northern new england. these are actual temperatures. minus 10 and minus 9 in caribou. when we factor in the windchills, we're at minus 21 in minneapolis. minus 21 in burlington. boston is even minus 14. there's one area of travel trouble. one area of snow from washington, d.c. to the coast, southern maryland, about a fluffy one to two inches. could make it slippery this morning. the next storm is on its way. this is going to bring light snow to many areas of the east. details on that, and also tomorrow. that's a look at your nationa
Jan 24, 2013 5:30pm EST
. >> we are not looking at the streets of minneapolis, no that is a snow filled view of baltimore city. this is like a lifetime ago. >> that's early this morning. rush hour is a complete nightmare because of all the white stuff making us late for work. >> let's go over to mike and now in the abc most accurate storm center to find if things will be better tomorrow. some more activity heading our way >> it looks like not the morning but the evening. we are going the opposite direction and will be expecting snow to move in friday night. we will talk about that second half. the afternoon highs today. another day where we are into the 20s. 25 york, 29, frederick 28, we are into the middle 20s. take a look at the snow fall amounts, it was all about the southern locations over the southern portion of the state. five inches to around five -- half an inch in townsend again that one to two inches, across town, little more toward the south. we are in to the 20s. low 20s outside the beltway. we will watch the temperatures in to the teens as we go into later tonight. notice on radar we have a sy
Jan 4, 2013 4:00am EST
of a college dorm forcing students to wait out in single digits weather. >>> downtown minneapolis, the rupture turned roads into rivers before are crews were able to put a clamp on the massive leak. >>> a school of sharks forced florida to shut down jensen beach. marine scientists say the sightings are unusual since the sharks' natural food supply has not been spotted in the area. >>> and finally, a virginia bagel shop has come up with a dish they feel best described the fiscal crisis in washington, d.c. it's called the congressional sandwich made with mainyonnaise mustard cheese and a lot of baloney. >>> in sports, oregon's de'anthony thomas ran it back. they crushed number 5 kansas state 35-17. >>> tonight, it's the cotton bowl game in arlington texas as number 9 texas a&m plays oklahoma. >> in new york, an acrobatic backwards jam. the knicks got a 100-83 win over san antonio. in baseball, former yankees player nick swisher signed with cleveland. a deal worth $56 million. and the dallas cowboys practice squad was legally sober when killed in an accident. >>> and here they go again. green bay
Jan 25, 2013 12:00pm EST
, a minneapolis. -- upper midwest minneapolis. >> we want to remind everyone that we have the school closings -- the school closings listed at the top of the screen. snowfall is projected during the evening rush when thousands of people are on the road. jummy olabanji showed us what to do to keep traffic moving and keep drivers state. -- keep ever since. >>drivers safe. >> it could slow down this afternoon. just like yesterday, more snow is expected to fall across our region today. accept this time the snow is expected to impact the evening rush hour just as thousands of drivers are tried to get home. >> 395 -- if 395 is backed up i will hop on another one. >> there will be about two hundred trucks out of the red with this afternoon. the job may be a little bit harder because of the timing of the storm. >> the worst scenario is we see snow at the same time everybody is heading home. >> it is a scenario they are trying to avoid. that's why crews have been pre cleaning the roads in advance. there crew will likely be on the roadways of the afternoon. -- all afternoon. >> if people have the optio
Jan 22, 2013 2:00am PST
below right now in minneapolis. work in wind on top of that, it feels like 22 below in minneapolis. feels like ten below in chicago right now. and high temperatures today don't look all that impressive. the cold air just sits across the northern plains moving into the western great lakes. and then this will continue to surge eastward as we head into tomorrow. temperatures today in boston, only 28 degrees. 25 in new york city. but ironically in southern california yesterday, we tied and even broke record high temperatures with highs yesterday in the lower 80s. so big swing in temperatures all across the country. mara? >> thanks so much. >>> straight ahead, we'll take you to israel where benjamin netanyahu is hoping to be re-elected prime minister today. >>> plus a woman fainteds and falls. the dramatic rescue when "first look" returns in just three minutes. ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you turn an entrepreneur's dream... ♪ into a scooter that talks to the cloud? ♪ or turn 30-million artifacts... ♪ into a high-tech masterpiece? ♪ whatever your business challenge, dell has th
Jan 1, 2013 4:30am EST
. overall, it's a quiet start to the new year. kind of how we like it. it was bitterly cold, minneapolis, chicago, temperatures have been falling all through wisconsin. a lot of cold air through many areas of the country. as you go throughout the new year's day, the bitter chill can be the story. look at fargo, the negative 20 range. minneapolis is at minus 10 and chicago falling to 5. a lot of people spending the day indoors to start the new year in the northern plains. not bad as the temperatures go up and down the east coast. new orleans, mississippi, alabama, tennessee areas even north carolina will have to deal with some of that rain as we go into the afternoon. washington, d.c. may see a shower, but overall looks like a pretty dry day. that's a look at your national forecast. here's a look at weather outside your window. new york city rang in a pretty mild new year's. temperature was at 41. we're watching areas like north carolina and orlando today. north carolina you look like you got some wet weather. >>> well, minimum wage goes up in ten states today. and a pretty decent year fo
Jan 11, 2013 4:30am EST
disappeared after a run enough with the sheriff deputy. >>> mienl finally, in minneapolis, a rooster hanging out downtown gave animal control officers quite a headache. ♪ the elusive fowl was eventually captured. no word on who it belongs to. >>> in sports we start with a big upset in college basketball. number 4 arizona was surprised by unranked oregon who led most of the way. arizona surged in the fourth quarter, but oregon held on for a 70-66 upset. >>> and major league baseball is expanding drug testing for human growth hormones and other performance enhancing drugs. there's official confirmation that junior seau had cte, a degenerative brain disease, he joins pittsburgh's mike webster dave doerson. bears and others. >>> tim tebow will not be playing for the jacksonville jaguars next season. the team through a general manager said he can't match anyone a scenario in which tebow won't be a jacksonville jaguar even if released by the jets. >>> and baltimore plays the denver broncos and green bay will be in san francisco. sunday, seattle visits the top-seeded atlanta falcons and houston b
Jan 18, 2013 4:30am EST
as we'll definitely see go throughout the weekend. areas in minneapolis, probably not above zero. >>> lance armstrong helps juice oprah's network. the latest nbc poll on guns in america. and we'll show you a 12-pound gold nugget found on a beach. >>> plus, take a look at this frightening video. a purse thief grabbed a woman on a subway platform and hurled her on it the tracks. what happened next after that? we'll have it coming up. >>> welcome back, here's some other stories making news this morning. the latest nbc/"wall street journal" poll found that 56% of americans want strict are gun laws. that's less than the 60% to 70% who supported stricter gun laws during the '90s when congress passed the assault weapons ban. the new poll found that 7% think the gun laws are too strict and 35% want no changes. >>> new jersey governor chris christie said the new nra ad using president obama's girls is reprehensible. >> 65% of likely to post their political affiliation on public media. liberals are also more likely to block people because of their political views. >>> well, the mother offe
Jan 28, 2013 4:00am EST
by the afternoon. freezing drizzle on the roads around minneapolis. rain in the seattle area. >> if you're flying, airport delays are possible in new york, philadelphia, washington, d.c., detroit, chicago, minneapolis and salt lake city. >> everywhere. >>> and back to the news this morning. hillary clinton wraps up her term as secretary of state this friday. last night, she sat down with her boss and former rival, president obama for a much-anticipated interview. >> the two powerful politicians described their unique partnership and stoked speculation about clinton's future. here's abc's larry jacobs. >> reporter: it was an extraordinary event. an adoring president publicly praises his former political nemesis on "60 minutes." >> i consider hillary a strong friend. >> reporter: the side-by-sided a nation fest sent speculation into hyperdrive. was this an endorsement for a hillary clinton run in 2016? >> i have to tell you. you guys in the press are encore jabl. i was inaugurated four days ago. and you're talking about elections four years from now. >> and i'm out of politics. i'm forbidden from h
Jan 11, 2013 4:00am EST
coast but that also means it's going to start to cool down in the midwest. 41 in minneapolis. 45 in new york. the showers you're seeing in the forecast just late-day showers. that's that warm front trying to move through. we drop to 21 in minneapolis. we jump to 62 in washington, d.c. atlanta should top out in the 70s. we are looking at temperatures across the east coast to be about 15 to 20 degrees above average. but then that really cold air does settle in especially through montana. today is only going to be in the single digits. so really warm and really cold showing up on the map. >>> it's the cia versus the looipd at the box office this weekend. after being in a limited release the past few weeks, "zero dark thirty" is going live off its nominations but the gangster quad may take first place thanks to box office draws of ryan gosselin and emma stone. >>> what does a 9-year-old want to do once nominated for a best actress oscar. she's the best actress nominee ever. >>> in case you didn't know it, justin bieber fans, no-no bounds. they're accusing the 18-year-old double ganger of po
Jan 20, 2013 4:00am PST
in minneapolis, 0. and the feel likes are colder. this is just the beginning of arctic air. feels like 16 below in minneapolis. 19 below for st. cloud and it is not going anywhere. look at the high temperature. high temperature in minneapolis, haven't done that for four years, subzero. washington, d.c. included, i'll have an inauguration forecast coming up but first look at this, wind gusts will make it feel even colder, 60-mile-per-hour wind gusts up and down the northeast and new england. >> and coming up on "good morning america," new potentially costly fallout from lance armstrong's confession. >>> also we're learning more about the man behind the elaborate hoax involving manti te'o. >>> plus, what it's like for men to experience labor pains. you're hearing that right, men experiencing labor pains. >> i have a sense plg will enjoy this. ♪ you make me feel like a natural woman ♪ bianna will enjoy this. ♪ you make me feel like a natural woman ♪ are easy with free pickup [ male announces from the u.s. postal service. we'll even drop off boxes if you need them. visit pay, print
Jan 27, 2013 9:00am EST
, people are going to chicago or minneapoli , guess what? chicago has 154 flights canceled in or out. minneapolis now 71 flight. you want to call your airline carrier if you're headed out. there's a big ice storm and snowstorm going on. a little piece of this will be affecting us oh, i'll let you guess. what's been going on here? our commutes have been at risk. that's what tomorrow is going to be all about. let's talk about it. 30 is where we're at now. this is a happy number. it doesn't start with a 2. i am fine with that. northwest winds at 9 miles an hour. not too bad. a good day to relax. we still have a deep freeze in cumberland where it's 21. 24 hagerstown. but 29 in southern maryland and we'll be working on highs into the middle and upper 30s today. good news there with a good deal of sunshine. so it should feel nice. when i go outside for my weather hit on the he they are patio, won't be that bad with the sun and the wind not so cold. all righty, the next thing up to talk about. this freezing rain event that will be happening tomorrow morning. we have a winter weather advisor
Jan 21, 2013 2:00am PST
in minneapolis. that is your actual air temperature. now factor in the wind. it feels like it's 25 degrees below zero in minneapolis. it's only going to top out today at four below. it is looking frigid across the northern plains, even colder as you head up into northern minnesota and northeastern north dakota. this is the arctic air that's going to surge across portions of the great lakes tomorrow and eventually into the northeast with tusk tesda tuesday being t day this week. we'll see a few light snow showers tonight into tomorrow morning. as far as snowfall is concerned, a couple lake-effect snow showers across the western parts of new york and northwestern pennsylvania, even western michigan. that's where we'll see several inches of lake effect snow. but the storm system that's going to pass mostly to the southeast of nantucket, we're going to see perhaps with ocean enhancement, six to eight inches of snow across the outer cape. two to four across most of southern new england. an area waiting for some snow. ver on yak? >> thank you. >>> more violent attacks in afghanistan today. taliban sui
Jan 23, 2013 7:00am PST
in ice. dean reynolds is in one of the chilliest parts of the country, minneapolis. dean, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, norah and charlie. it has been a mild winter across the country up until now. last couple of days temperatures have dropped about 20 degrees below normal and that's cold even for those used to harsh winters. >> it's really cold. really, really cold. i've got two pants on, a jacket, and a sweater, so i'm cold. >> reporter: as the bitter freezing air tightens its grip on the midwest, folks are bundling up any way it can. >> i got everything on, gortex, boots, long johns. >> reporter: for a fourth straight day temperatures across the region are expected to plunge dangerously low. >> this is real bad, horrible. freezing, frigid. >> reporter: in minneapolis tuesday the mercury hovered well below zero. factor in windchill and it felt even worse. >> my toes are frozen. the ground's like a huge magnet sucking in the heat. >> reporter: the frigid air didn't stop this dog from venturing out into lake michigan in chicago where it had to be rescu
FOX News
Jan 2, 2013 2:00am PST
in minneapolis 13 chicago. 23 degrees in new york city. the thing is when you factor in the wind it feels so much colder in places like new york city where right now your current windchill temperatures are 12 degrees burlington, vermont windchill of 3 degrees. in bangor, maine, 3 degrees below zero. it has to be terrible close to what it feels like on top of a building at the end of december. taking a look at precipitation we are looking at dry conditions across portions of the midwest. there are snow showers across at y areas. we could be looking at snowfall accumulation. northern shore of virginia and the carolinacarolinas. eastern portions of the carolinas on the wet side. southbound eastern parts of stet la texas southern part of the state moving southward and will be moving out of the area. southern california santa ana winds strong winds expected gusting over 40 miles per hour around the los angeles area sand weigh yo as we-- san diego. >> thank you very much, maria. >>> it is time to brew on this. kids these days. >> it's rain. nobody calls me ray. >> okay ray, i am molly. we met at our bi
FOX News
Jan 19, 2013 4:00pm PST
in the midwest in minnesota and wisconsin. already starting to see that. minneapolis, 42 degrees . 40s for the high temperature and looking colder for the next several days . 12 degrees was the higher temperature in fargo . minneapolis and duluth . monday, martin luther king jr. three below zero in minneapolis . len below zero in duluth. cold air will be heading to eastbound. cold temperatures in new york city as we head in to tuesday. we'll not make it out of the 20s. make sure your home is winterized in places in the dacotas and parts of minnesota. we don't have snow in porgs of north dakota. there is it a blizzard warning in affect but strong winds are blowing the snow . cold air means lake-effect snow. heads up in the great lakings, you will see couple of inches of accumulation in the next few days. >> type january in all capital letters now. >> reality check. >> it is it upon us. >>> and thank you very much. a want to be robber tries to get the drop on the liquor store. i mean literally the drop. look at what happens. the rest of the video, you will have to stay put for . the beau
Jan 19, 2013 2:05am PST
. now we have some new colors in here. some pinks and some purples. this is some arctic air. minneapolis 7. that's going to be the daytime high on sunday. for you in minneapolis, you're looking at even colder weather on monday. minus 2. the daytime high. now, if that happens, when that happens, that will be the first time that the high in minneapolis failed to reach zero in more than four years. so this is some very cold air. coldest air in years. and also some of the coldest air of the season for the rest of the northeast. you can see that chance for some snow lingering around on tuesday. these are daytime highs for boston and new york with temperatures in the lower to mid 20s for highs. still some lake effects snow throughout the great lakes. new system moving into the pacific northwest. will make the mountain snow and rain to lower elevations. still some very cold air. for minneapolis that moderating air with temperatures back up into the teens for highs. here's that next system on thursday bringing a chance for more snow to the great lakes and the upper midwest. remember on the weath
Jan 30, 2013 9:00am PST
in minneapolis. look at the stuff he is doing. this is not your standard juggling. >> he is making juggling look really super cool. he is balancing it on his forehead, chest, and she doing something i would not even fathom considering bartending. >> it is sexy. i always thought juggling was sexy. >> so for all of the afiring jugglers out there, use this for your inspiration. you could use two lovely ladies just like that. >>> if you're going to fly a kite, what's the one critical thing you need? >> wind. >> you don't need any of that if you're doing windless kite flying. he is at the 12th annual windless kite festival, and they did is to the london symphony version of "paint it black" by the rolling stones. >> this is a kite specifically designed to fly out wind, and the motion that he is pulling the strings. >> can you say you're flying if it's not in the sky with mind. >> it's different sdplp it's like rhythmic gymnastics. >> how does one think i want to fly a kite with no wind -- >> i think this guy is really good at it. i don't know what we're judging on, but she not touching the floor or th
Jan 19, 2013 11:00pm EST
can see the beginnings of that cold air invasion coming in. international falls, 5 below. minneapolis is for below right now. -- 4 below right now. this is the influx of chilly air that comes in. tonight, freezing for the low. mostly clear. southwest winds at 2- 7, holding the temperatures up. the day tomorrow, not quite as warm as today. still above average for this season. 45-50 for the high. it will be breezy. winds gusting to 25 mph. 2-3 foot chop in the open waters of the bay. what we will be watching with great interest is this one coming out of the dakotas. tomorrow this one goes through. this one comes through on monday. you can see the remnants of it in here. monday, chance of snow shower activity. then the cold air spills into the area. tomorrow night, the ravens patriots game. partly cloudy. temperatures in the 20's. it will be windy. cokld game, but at least dry. 37 tomorrow. 27 on tuesday. snow showers in the forecast. towards next weekend, a mix of rain and storms likely. -- rain and snow is likely. >> the ravens have made their way to new england. gerry sandusy goes one
Jan 31, 2013 6:00pm EST
, dropping quickly. 0 in minneapolis. the cold air is surging. the difference between the cold air a outbreak of last weekend this week, it will get -- left back up into canada. we're warming up rather quickly after we chill down for a couple of days. there are areas of snow showers. it is not a coastal storm. a lot of energy and atmospheric moisture. a light coating possible. flakes may be falling during the rush hour. if there is a chance of a slippery spot, that is something to be concerned with. we will clear up its stake cold in the afternoon with temperatures below freezing in many areas. 0.1 of the next 2.5 of an inch. that is what we're looking at across the region. you'll get another chance of snow as we head through saturday for of testing. -- a dusting. austrian cold all day. check out the next seven days. the chance of cell saturday evening. -- snow saturday morning. we will cool down behind the cold front and settle down for a nice stretch of whether tuesday through thursday. >> and now, the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> how about family feud
Jan 1, 2013 6:00pm EST
in minneapolis. this colder air is going to move to the east. it is going to modify itself just a little bit over the next couple of days. so even we won't seat temperatures in the teens we will see daytime highs only in the lower to middle 30's. compare that to the 45 degrees we have right now. satellite and radar earlier today we had a winterry mix and did did nod amontgomery to a lot. the atmosphere so dry. anything falling from the sky evaporated. we're looking at dry condition for the remay understand over evening. with high pressure in the west that is going to get rid of the clouds tomorrow morning. that is going to allow our temperatures to remain cold and it is going to look brighter, a lot prettier outside. futurecast shows the clouds moving out of here. temperatures for tomorrow, around 35 and 40 degrees and another cool day on thursday. clearing will happen after midnight and temperatures around 30. 40 will. the daytime high. if you're looking for rain, looking for snow, you're not going to find it any time soon at least flu the immedia
Jan 2, 2013 6:00pm EST
in new york city at laguardia. caribou, maine, seven above. 24 in detroit. minneapolis, 20 degrees with plenty of cold air. the coldest heart will bypass our region. tomorrow, right back to 40 degrees. temperatures three degrees below average. some high clouds is about all we have seen today. the storm track remains well to our south. the high pressure is in charge for the next couple of days with a minor cold front passing through or an atmospheric area of low pressure with a minor cold front. that will reinforce the cool, dry air. we will finally get the high pressure and change the wind direction and that will cause the temperature to go up. the next seven days shape up like this -- 43 on saturday. sunshine and clouds. a nice warm up tuesday, wednesday and thursday. the interactive seven-day is among the many features you will find on our whether page. >> and now between the sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> all love the excitement even though we are several days out is about rg3. >> we also have our prime-time special. it is their high
Jan 18, 2013 12:00pm EST
of next week is looking rather chilly. not so bad across -- minneapolis, 38, 36 in washington. right on this baby blue band, temperatures in the 20's. tuesday, but could be talking high temperatures in the upper 20's. by far the coldest air so far this season. morning low temperatures tuesday, wednesday possibly thursday in the teens. we have clear conditions. all around the metro, upper 30's. here is a quick look at your seven-day forecast. 20's to the weekend. 40's over the weekend. there is that plummets, near 30 on tuesday and wednesday. >> we look forward to that. also coming up, from wedding day course stories to the growing trend of grommzillas. ♪ ♪ [ harry umlaut ] hey you know what, i speak european. [ sally umlaut ] european isn't a language. i think they speak all kinds over there. nah. it's basically one language with a few variations. my cousin has a passport. uh-huh. take this fascinating muller yogurt. frut up. means "fruit up." as in creamy yogurt down below. and a delectable, aromatic layer of blended fruity, moussey uppiness on top. frut up. as
Jan 20, 2013 11:00pm EST
for the really cold air go to the north and west. zero at minneapolis. it will move our way and something we haven't seen much of. temperature change -- 25 to 30 degrees colde rin pittsburg and detroit. 12 below in minot, 9 degrees below in fargo. the cold air is away from us but outdoors, be prepared. high pressure builds -- to move through tomorrow. we may see a few flurries that won't add up to much. our temperatures are going to fall and i think this forecast model -- a little underestimated temperatures. we will see temperatures in the 20's. wind chill factors even colder than that. 28-35 degrees and we see some sunshine. definitely button up. 37-42 but temperatures will fall in the late afternoon -- highs will only be in the middle to upper 20's and wind chill factors in the teents, ands, and nightime lows in the mountains in the single digits. we are four years ago -- it was bitterly cold. wind chill factors in the teens. >> it is january. football weather. >> a lot of people celebrating tonight. >> championship sunday is in the history book. the harbaugh family has reservations for n
FOX News
Jan 21, 2013 2:00am PST
the current temperature in minneapolis. that is not the windchill. it feels even colder and some places will be looking at windchill temperatures more than 20 degrees below zero. we are talking about dangerous conditions across places in the upper midwest. make sure your home is winterized. we are only going to be seeing a hyatt 4 below zero 8 degrees below zero in far go. 45 dc and into the 30s. the cold air is headed eastbound and highs in the teens across chicago in the 20s in new york city and wednesday only 18 for the high in boston. cold air moving over we will be seeing lake-effect snow and we haven't seen that across portions of west michigan. it will be developing right offshore of the northeast. we will be seeing a little bit of snow in new york city. more accumulation across places in eastern new england. >> if it is going to be cold we might as as well expect snow. >>> coming up the brutal flu season is forcing employers to reexamine their sick policies. here's the question they are asking should they be forced to pay people when they stay home sick. >> talk about a rough la
FOX News
Jan 23, 2013 2:00am PST
through friday. chicago the same goes for you on friday. minneapolis a bit of a warm-up by thursday and fridayment fridge i had when you factor in the winds. bad news if you live in the northeast we are talking about snow. bad news if you don't like the snow. cold air settling the stage for the next storm system bringing in 3-8 inches of snow across places of pennsylvania and parts of the i 95 corridor. >> 16 below in mine not north dakota. >> i wonder how they survive. that's amazing. >> what did the obama administration know and when? in a few hours hillary clinton will finally testify about the terrorist attack in benghazi. doug mckel way is live with more. >> good morning guys. today's hearing before the senate foreign relations committee and house foreign affairs committee is the first time we have had to hear in-depth from the security rainfall i state on the debacle she took responsibility for in the days following the attack. ambassador steven's body was missing for 11 hours. assets were alerted but never utilized. the state department accountability review board concluded l
Jan 22, 2013 2:30am PST
. windchills down to 22 below right now in minneapolis. chicago it feels like ten below. and it's not going to warm up all that much this afternoon. highs will only be around one degree in minneapolis. and that cold air is going to stay in the northeast for a couple of days as well. bill? >> so in other words, i have to return, dylan, to bringing the warmer air and the good news. that's the bottom line in all this. >> this way you can take credit for it and keep blaming somebody else. >> i'm good at that. thanks, dylan, have a great day. >>> their last matchup of the season, great scheduling, nba. knicks up by one. carmelo anthony, the jumper that puts the knicks up. 29 points on the night for anthony. big shot here. joe johnson, nets down one. the jumper. it goes from the wing. the nets take a one-point lead. final seconds of the game, desperation, and that's your game. the nets win in new york. 88-85. that's a split of the seen series at 2-2. and now the nets are only one game back of the knicks in the standings. and barnicle's celtics are right there, not playing too badly. >>> how about
Jan 15, 2013 9:00pm PST
home, you terrorist. i can't imagine the unspeakable grief in suburban minneapolis when the somali kids are told, you have to go home, you terrorists, get out of our community. they were born here, this is their community. i can't imagine the unspeakable fear in the aftermath of that horrible incident involving the murder outside of milwaukee, wisconsin, and you read the data showing here in the bay area the number of siekh american kids who reported they had been harassed in 2010. so we have a lot of work to do in sioux falls, south dakota, in buffalo, new york, in the bay area, across the country. we're doing just that. and the extent to which the profile of this issue has been raised in recent years i think is a remarkable trib bought to all of you in this room. it's a trib bought to this president. i had the privilege of going to the summit that the president held. he has put his skin in the game. he has used the bully pulpit of the presidency, he has used the good offices of secretary duncan and the attorney general to make sure we send a very clear message as a federal g
Jan 20, 2013 9:00am EST
a little further. the really cold air will come in. 0 degrees in minneapolis. this is moving our way. in the next couple days it's the cold front. it comes through later today mostly dry but then the cold air behind that comes instability and snow showers. see what that is? that is snow coming this way. tomorrow we will have a chance of snow showers. you have a snow shovel out. not that much snowfall. let's not scare people. might see a light coating of snow tomorrow. you have to be careful if you are traveling to the inauguration. all of the dedicated fans who drove up to new england they will be driving back with snow showers along 95 as well. cold air continues to come in the next couple days. colder with temperatures in the upper # 30s to low 40s mostly cloudy skies with light showers in the forecast. 7-day forecast: >> great job, po. i might lose my job here. back to you, guys. >>> as many as 800,000 people are expected to attend the public inauguration ceremonies in washington. president obama will take the office at noon. >> the oath of office comes at midday today as the cons
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